New Zebra Crossing now operational in Murroe.

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We are delighted to see that the long-awaited zebra crossing is now fully operational in the heart of Murroe village. This crossing will provide a safe place to cross the busy road, for people wanting the access the shop, butcher, playground, Croker’s and the new all-weather pitch. To ensure that the zebra crossing is as safe as possible, it is vital that the rules of a zebra crossing are adhered to, especially in relation to parking on or near the zebra crossing. Please see the image above for the full list of rules for zebra crossings from the Road Safety Authority. We are aware that the new zebra crossing is located in a popular parking area for the shop and the Post Office, however, you will no longer be able to park there. Please help in making Murroe a safe place to be. Thank You.

Dorothy MaddenNew Zebra Crossing now operational in Murroe.