Thought for the Week – simple gesture

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Where you put your phone makes a difference.
Studies show that just the appearance of a smart phone on the table during a meal or conversation,makes a difference to the quality of meeting and the level of intimacy. If a phone is left on the table (it doesn’t have to ring!) people report that the conversation is less close, and they feel less nourished by it.
This simple gesture – placing a phone on the table between you – subtly suggests that something more important may happen  – something else might come in which is more interesting than us, something about us is not enough.
Magical things can happen when two people show up and are not distracted – the presence of a phone and the possibility of interruption means it is harder for this to happen. The moment, is to some extent, being controlled by the device sitting there promising  something else.
Let us agree to turn off our phones or at least put them out of sight when we are with someone.
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