Thought for the Week – Words have Power

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Words have power and deeply influence our lives. They seep into our consciousness and influence our emotions and our behaviour.
They shape how we see the world. The effect can be very harmful especially if our language is judgemental and cruel.
Because of this it is important to take note of the language you use. It took me a while to notice many of my words were harsh and judge-mental. Since that discovery I have tried to change them and use words that are more compassionate and kind.
Instead of  ‘but’, I use ‘and’, instead of ‘have to’, I use, ‘want to’, or ‘choose to’, instead of saying, ‘that is impossible’, I say, ‘it has yet to be done’.
Someone I read recently says that, “language exerts a hidden power on us like the moon on the tides.”
Murroe Website EditorThought for the Week – Words have Power