Live Feed from tonights Strictly now available on the facebook page

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Murroe Strictly Come Dancing Live

Murroe Strictly Come Dancing Live

Posted by Murroe on Saturday, April 29, 2017

N WLive Feed from tonights Strictly now available on the facebook page
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Murroe Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Announcement

Murroe Community Council, in conjunction with local clubs is proud and excited to announce that we will be holding a Strictly Come Dancing fundraising event for the Community Field Project.  The event will be held on the 29th April 2017 at the South Court Hotel in Limerick.

As many of you are already aware, we have raised a significant amount of funds through events, donations, and council funding.  However, these funds do not even cover the costs of the phase one project so it’s important that as a community we continue the hard work that has already been done to ensure that this project becomes a reality.

This event is designed to bring together the entire community at a major event to have fun, whilst raising money for the future Murroe Community field and its tendering costs.  This will include an all-weather sports ground, walkway and into the future, a new community centre and skate park.

We are inviting people who wish to enter as dancers to send in applications now as there is already large interest in this event.  All ages, and all skill levels are welcome!

Please email with applications or questions.

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Eir and Imagine Broadband now accepting orders for Murroe

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In further good news for Murroe, it appears that are now accepting orders on Murroe telephone numbers for the 70MB eFibre service.  As you can see from the map below on they have updated the 10th August for go-live date, while the Eir site has not yet updated their maps, their broadband line check passes for Murroe telephone numbers.

This will come as good news for a lot of people in the village, we are sure. are also accepting orders for the 4G based (wireless) 70MB service for those that are further away than 1000 Meters from the Eir exchange.   They are guaranteeing speeds of 30MB minimum, 10MB upload minimum as they are restricting sign ups onto the masts they provide.

N WEir and Imagine Broadband now accepting orders for Murroe
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Pride of Place

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Letter from County Council

After the event on the 12th of July, Murroe Community Council recieved the following letter of appreciation from Limerick County Council.  Congratulations to all involved on a greatly successful day.

Now we wait for the results!


Original Post 11 July 2016

Limerick City and County Council has selected Murroe as their Candidate for the All Ireland Competition,’Pride of Place’.  The Judging is happening on Monday the 11th July. The judges will spend three hours with us in Murroe.

Judges for Murroe Pride of Place will be arriving for 10.00 on Monday. Here is what they will be hearing and seeing. If you are around so much the better. There will be stands in the main hall of various organisations.

9.50    Judges arrive and brought to the Fitzgerald room in the hall via the side entrance
10.00   Presentation in Fitzgerald Room
10.30   Tour of stands in the main Hall.
11.15   Tour of the village going to

  • Murroe Church
  • Murroe School
  • Monument
  • Gilmartin Park
  • Harty Park
  • Playground
  • Field Project
  • The Forge
  • Murroe AFC Soccer Club
  • Glenstal Abbey
N WPride of Place
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Welcome to the new Murroe Website

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As you can see, we have had a much overdue facelift.  The old site has served Murroe for 7 years and needed to be drastacilly changed to allow for new technologies, especially social media and mobile devices.

The new site is completely responsive to all size of devices.  Phones, Tablets, Laptops and TV’s will all display the content correctly now and give a far richer experience.

Ongoing, the social media will be where we will post continuous updates for events going on in the village and this site will have pages for each of the current events going on.  No more searching around for multiple posts on the same subject.  Therefore, you should follow us on twitter here and facebook here for instant updates.

We hope you like the new website.  Feedback form is on the bottom of the main page!

Special thanks to NTES IT Support Services whom provided engineering, designers and hosting for Murroe for free.

The old site will be available for an undefined amount of time by clicking the link in the top right of the page.

N WWelcome to the new Murroe Website
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