Pride of Place

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Letter from County Council

After the event on the 12th of July, Murroe Community Council recieved the following letter of appreciation from Limerick County Council.  Congratulations to all involved on a greatly successful day.

Now we wait for the results!


Original Post 11 July 2016

Limerick City and County Council has selected Murroe as their Candidate for the All Ireland Competition,’Pride of Place’.  The Judging is happening on Monday the 11th July. The judges will spend three hours with us in Murroe.

Judges for Murroe Pride of Place will be arriving for 10.00 on Monday. Here is what they will be hearing and seeing. If you are around so much the better. There will be stands in the main hall of various organisations.

9.50    Judges arrive and brought to the Fitzgerald room in the hall via the side entrance
10.00   Presentation in Fitzgerald Room
10.30   Tour of stands in the main Hall.
11.15   Tour of the village going to

  • Murroe Church
  • Murroe School
  • Monument
  • Gilmartin Park
  • Harty Park
  • Playground
  • Field Project
  • The Forge
  • Murroe AFC Soccer Club
  • Glenstal Abbey
N WPride of Place