Thought for the Week – Become Reconnected

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Having witnessed the drama of the Renaissance and the emergence of the individual and the subsequent rise of humanism in the Enlightenment, it is easy to understand how human beings came to see themselves as the measure of all things and masters of the universe. It is easier to understand how God became irrelevant and spiritual values relative and arbitrary.

Humanism has delivered on some levels but it has left our spirits ‘no less lonesome inside’ and weakened our communal ties – it has led us to become slaves to ourselves and spiritually impoverished.

We are products of this world, withdrawn from wider circles of identity, and can experience ourselves as floating off, anchor-less. Many people no longer belong to the stars, or participate mystically with nature and are disconnected from extended family and community. We need to widen our circles of identity and become reconnected.

Murroe Website EditorThought for the Week – Become Reconnected