Thought for the Week – Cloud Appreciation Society

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There is a Cloud Appreciation Society! They promote the beauty of clouds. They want to balance the the negative associations clouds attract  – someone who is depressed is under a cloud – we speak of a cloud on the horizon if if bad news is in the offing.  We criticise people who live with their head in the clouds rather than with their feet on the ground.
Like most things that are over familiar, we don’t notice them unless that annoy us or obstruct the sun or dump lots of rain on us l
But if you think back to your childhood, when you allowed yourself the time to day dream – most of us were fond of clouds and found shapes in the clouds – two cats doing the salsa….giants fighting.
Engaging in this aimless activity, watching the clouds move gracefully across the sky, helps me to slow down, even calms my agitated body. And I don’t have to rush across the world to find exotic clouds. All I need to do is step outside my home or office and pay attention to what is above – feel the connection to the world around me – experience our beautiful world directly rather than on a screen.
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