Thought for the Week – Curial Diseases

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Pope Francis, as you know, drew up a list of “curial diseases”. He claimed that, “these diseases  and temptations weaken our service to the Lord.
I think a “listing” of these diseases – along the lines of the Desert Fathers who used to draw up such lists – helps us to prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation,
which will be a good step for all of us to take in preparing for Christmas.” Maybe we could make up our own list.
Certainly the second disease he identifies, is one to watch out for as we begin the run in to Christmas.

2. Another disease is the “Martha complex”, excessive busy-ness. It is found in those who immerse themselves in work and inevitably neglect “the better part”: sitting at the feet of Jesus (cf. Lk 10:38-42). Jesus called his disciples to “rest a while” (cf. Mk6:31) for a reason, because neglecting needed rest leads to stress and agitation. A time of rest, for those who have completed their work, is necessary,obligatory and should be taken seriously: by spending time with one’s family and respecting holidays as moments of spiritual and physical recharging.
We need to learn from Qohelet that “for everything there is a season” (3:1-15).

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