Thought for the Week – No Ordinary Moments

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Someone told me about a disciple of a Taoist master. The disciple said of the master: “He does not speak; it is enough to watch him sweep.”
The way this master conducted himself in his daily tasks was itself a lesson. The way we conduct ourselves can also be a lesson. Be present to each task – treating every moment as special -then there are no ‘ordinary moments’. Giving advice to oneself or to another is rarely works. W.B. Yeats put this way….
Only that which does not teach
which does not cry out
which does not persuade
which does not condescend
which does not explain
is irresistible. 
Let ones life be a form of instruction without being conscious of the fact. The Italians have a great word: sprezzatura, the apparent effortlessness of an artist in full control of his or her work.
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