Thought for the Week – Scarcity

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We live in a culture where the clear message is that there is never enough.  We  always need to get more/buy more to be happy.
Images and feelings of this scarcity surround us – we are not good enough, safe enough, can never be certain enough, nor perfect enough,  not extra-ordinary enough…..we worry about having enough food, enough money.
This attitude and the felt sense it generates acts as a block to the flow of life and of grace.
And the search is on for more – life becomes a scramble to accumulate in case of a shortage.  We find it difficult to imagine the infinite – abundance – especially the infinite love of God.
The many multiplication stories in the gospels should give us some confidence even though the apostles who were constantly worried about scarcity advise Jesus against feeding the multitude.  Jesus wants them to change from a world view of
scarcity to one of abundance – to believe that there is enough manna in the desert for all of us.
A distinguishing feature of saints and the current Pope is that they know abundance – infinite love – that there is enough.
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