Thought for the Week – SPIRITUAL STENTS

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In medicine, a stent is a tube, made of metal or plastic which is inserted into a vessel or duct to keep the passageway open.
There is variety of stents for different purposes. One type is used to open up an artery that has been narrowed by fatty deposits along its walls.
There are times when we need the equivalent of a spiritual stent to keep a passageway open to the centre
Our world is not too concerned with this task. It  is more interested in external success and the appearance of things. Our consumerist culture does its best to clog up the passageway to the centre.
But we also know that contentedness is an inside job. It requires that we keep connected with our own interior world.
If I don’t pay attention to this and use my ‘spiritual stents’, I am in danger of constantly spinning round things and never landing – never touching the centre.
Murroe Website EditorThought for the Week – SPIRITUAL STENTS