Thought for the Week – The Quiet Stable

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We are familiar with the story – Mary, heavily pregnant, travelling with Joseph from Nazareth to their home town of Bethlehem, to fill out that census form. They arrived late and all the B and B’s and hotel rooms were full – so she gave birth in a dark, silent stable with the animals.   But despite these less than ideal surroundings,  God came anyway.  When our inn is full of stuff – or even closed – God comes to us anyway – born into our life, into our heart moment by moment, breath by breath in every little thing that happens to us. Every now and then we need to step outside our busy, noisy inn and find our way back to the small, dark, quiet stable. We need to be simple and patient with what is unfolding in our hearts as God is born in us.

Murroe Website EditorThought for the Week – The Quiet Stable