Thought for the Week – The secrecy of my inner self

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A well know theologian has argued that we no longer believe because tradition tells us or because an authoritarian church commands us.
Belief in God’s existence is not a matter of rational demonstration
or irrational feeling.’  It is rather ‘a matter of reasoned trust’ –  an act of mystical faith. Our belief in the existence of God, to be convincing,
must pass through our  human experience.
“And why is this confidence in a totally different ‘invisible’ reality reasonable 
and intelligible? Because it is supported,and  verified in the context 
of our lived experience….
God has been obscured by churches, and often by their actions so that the 
only remaining possibility is to close one’s eyes in order to turn inwards and find the all-encompassing, all-directing God in the secrecy of my inner self, to sense, to feel and experience him at the core of my being.”  Hans Kung 
Murroe Website EditorThought for the Week – The secrecy of my inner self